Game Day Information

Playing Jerseys

All Players will be supplied with a playing jersey on game days during the season. The jerseys remain the property of the Frankston Raiders RLC.

Playing Field Access

During the course of a match, the only persons allowed to enter the playing area are: Players, Coaches, Team Managers, Ground Manager, Referees, Touch judges, Sports Trainers & Water runners. All must be registered with NRL and have identification cards to confirm this.

At no time should parents or spectators enter the field of play without permission of the game official.

Shorts & Socks

Players are required to wear club shorts and socks. Socks and shorts are supplied with registration.

Competition Fixtures

Each Wednesday prior to game day, the upcoming weeks fixtures will be released. Unfortunately we do not receive fixtures in advance from Vic NRL, we appreciate everyone’s patience with this.

First Aid & Equipment

All NRL Vic games have qualified first aid staff present.

Strapping tape will be supplied to players on game day, when required.

Bad Weather

Game days are very rarely cancelled due to weather, so as a general rule we play RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE.

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