The Frankston Raiders RLC has been an accredited “Club Respect” club for 4 years. This is an initiative that NRL commenced with NIRODAH with the support of the Victorian Women’s Trust 5 years ago.
The aim is to give clubs the tools and skills to create or enhance the club’s
culture so that it is safe, fair, respectful and inclusive, for all participants.
With its underlying goal being to help reduce family violence, the benefits of the program not only assist the club and its members but ripple out to the broader community. Violence in all its forms can’t exist where people feel a sense of belonging, where they feel respected, safe and are treated fairly.

Spirit of League Award

In 2018 the Frankston Raiders Rugby League Club won the Vic NRL “Spirit of League” Award, proudly presented by Club Respect.


What is an MPIO? A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) provides information about the rights, responsibilities and options available to an individual making a complaint in sport. They can also inform and advise sport administrators and complaint handlers in Member Protection Policy for specific sports.


If a parent or player has an issue that relates to the team, they should address this with the Coach and Manager in the first instance in order to reach an amicable solution to the issue. All other correspondence or complaints should be directed through the Club President or Vice
President. If a resolution cannot be reached then the issue can be referred to the club appointed MPIO.

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