A few months has felt like a lifetime. But after plenty of precaution and careful planning, it’s finally time to take the field again…

It’s time for fire and sirens. For victory and defeat.
It’s time for bitter rivalry and try-saving tackles.
It’s time for raw emotion, and heart-pounding unpredictability.

Because this season, there’s still everything to play for: pride, glory, and the right to lift the trophy. In fact, this season will be bigger than ever. 

What was once such a small step of “just training” will now be the giant leap towards playing the game we love….So get ready for kickoff!

Our game can’t be scripted; our emotions can’t be edited. Even though we’ve been kept apart, now is the time for the Frankston Raiders to stand together, as we take a big step towards our future. Thank you to all our Raiders Family for your patience, and unwavering support.

Please see attached our Frankston Raiders RLC – Return to Play Guidelines

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